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How to accept Minutos

Accepting Minuto vouchers is voluntary, except for the issuer, see below.

Also, you decide from which region you accept Minuto vouchers and up to what percentage your offer can be paid in Minuto.

If you accept Minuto in payment, you can proceed as follows:

1. Check the region

Decide if you accept Minutos from that region. In their region of issuance, they can be spent best. The further away they were issued, the more difficult it is to spend them, see this FAQ.

2. Check the validity

Furthermore, Minuto that you accept should be valid long enough so that you can still spend them at your leisure.

3. Check the completeness

The rest of the fields should also be checked for completeness: 3 times each stamp, date and signature of the issuer and guarantor as well as region and last year of validity.

4. Trustworthiness

If a valid Minuto voucher still appear to be untrustworthy, you don't have to accepted it. The concept of Minuto is based on trust and the greatest possible voluntariness. You are only required to accept a voucher if you are its issuer and the voucher is valid, see How to redeem Minuto.


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