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Minuto credit booklet

With the credit booklet you can have Minutos credited, so that beginners who do not have Minutos can participate.

People who are new to Minuto or do not want to create Minuto themselves cannot pay for products and services in Minuto at the beginning because they do not own any. However, if there is enough trust, it is also possible to simply have the Minuto credited. For this purpose, the Minuto credit booklet can be used.

Newcomers benefit from this by being better integrated into the Minuto network, since they are now required to pay off this credit later in Minuto. If later on they earned Minuto or create new ones, the record can then be removed from the credit booklet when the Minuto is paid.


  • in a network where no or not enough Minuto are in circulation, the exchange can start immediately
  • the Minuto network grows faster
  • interested parties are better integrated into the Minuto network
  • interested parties can first take advantage of offers that they might not be able to afford otherwise
  • providers find more buyers of their products or services
  • overall exchange is promoted, which increases overall prosperity

Credit booklet template

Paper format File
A4 Download (PDF)
A4 Download (ODT)

How to use the credit booklet

  1. To create the credit booklet simply print the template on both sides of the paper sheet. If the printer cannot print on both sides, then simply print the odd pages first and then print the even pages on the back of each.
  2. Then cut the double-sided sheets at the trim marks so that you have half sized sheets.
  3. Fold the half sheets in half and sort the folded sheets according to the page numbering and place them inside each other.
  4. Now you should have an quarter sized credit book. When you have checked the page numbering, you can staple the book together at the edge.


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