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The Minuto Game

Minuto Meeting

For a better understanding of how to issue, use and accept Minutos we recommend to play the Minuto Game.

It is pretty simple:

  1. Check out this wiki to learn how Minuto works.
  2. Invite a group of 4 to 15 people to a meeting.
  3. To prepare, download and print the offer form and the Minuto voucher template. Cut up the offer forms.
  4. Take these materials, a stack of small, blank pieces of paper, scissors and enough pens to the meeting.
  5. At the meeting, all participants receive an offer form where they fill in their name, contact information (address, phone), and their own service offers.
  6. Now the participants read out their offers.
  7. After that, you distribute the Minuto voucher templates and scissors, let the participants cut the vouchers.
  8. Between half and two-thirds of the group now creates Minutos playfully, i.e., without stamps, dates, and signatures, but only with their first names. The other participants do not create Minutos. This promotes the understanding that not every user needs to create Minutos in order to participate.
  9. Accordingly, the guarantors also do not use a stamp, but only write their first name in the field.
  10. Next, have stacks of the small slips of paper distributed to each participant.
  11. Once the participants start trading, for each sale for which they get Minutos, they give a slip of paper to the 'customer' on which they write down the product or service traded.
  12. After a while, each participant should have some of these slips in their hands for the things they could afford.
  13. In a final round, everyone reports on their own experience.
  14. If there is interest in using Minuto in real life, the completed offer forms can be collected to discuss further steps.


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