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How to redeem Minutos

Redemption by the issuer

As issuer of a voucher you are obligated to redeem it within its period of validity.

If the voucher is valid for more than 3 years, the issuer can use the voucher again for payment. If the validity period is shorter than 3 years, the issuer destroys the voucher after redemption. Due to this rule, participants of the network practically rarely receive vouchers that are about to expire.

Validity of voucher Action by the issuer
more than 3 years must accept the voucher, can reuse it for payment
less than 3 years must accept and destroy the voucher

See also How to accept Minutos.

Redemption by a guarantor

As a guarantor of a Minuto voucher you are only obligated to redeem it if the issuer and his legal successors (heirs) are unable to provide a service, for example in the event of:

  • inability to work or earn
  • address unknown
  • death


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