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Other Minuto templates

Here are other templates that you need in the advanced Minuto everyday life.

Minuto offer form

Here is the form for offers, which is mentioned in the Minuto game.

Download (PDF) - in German

Description Paper format File
Template with 4 offer forms - in German only A4 landscape Download (PDF)

Minuto inventory

The optional inventory, in case you would like to have an overview of your Minutos in circulation.

Download (PDF) - in German only

Description Paper format File
Inventory sheet - in German only A4 landscape Download (PDF)
Explanation for the inventory sheet - in German only A4 portrait Download (PDF)

Minuto credit booklet

Using this Minuto credit booklet facilitates the start for your trusted people who have not issued any Minuto yet. You can print this document, cut, fold it and tack it to obtain a booklet in A4 format. More info on the Minto credit book page.

Download (PDF)

Description Paper format File
Credit booklet A4 Download (PDF)
Credit booklet, editable *) A4 Download (ODT)


These documents are copylefted under the Free Art Licence 1.1 which grants you use rights and forbids proprietization. In short, it gives you the freedom to copy, distribute and modify and your modified work must be copylefted too attributing it to you as the author and providing access to previous versions of the work (at “www.minuto.wiki”) when possible. For details see Free Art Licence 1.1.

*) This document is available in an OpenDocument file format. It can be edited using the free and open source software LibreOffice.

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