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Imagine there is no money and you would have to think for yourself how to exchange services or goods with other people fairly and efficiently. Since the direct exchange of goods and services without money is very impractical, you would have to think about a means of exchange (money) and how it could work.

After a while, perhaps you would realize that the amount of time it takes to produce something or to provide a service is a fairly reasonable measure to determine the value of it. Perhaps you would realize that something only costs money if a person has spent his or her time doing something and has made it available to someone else. Thus, the realization is that money is really just time, and human working time at that.

Now all it needs is a simple solution, how you could use simply everywhere and uncomplicated working time as exchange means and/or money. This is exactly where the Minuto concept comes into play.

Minuto – A time voucher

The basic idea behind Minuto is that people issue each other vouchers for their time (qualitative working time). To start, a group of people get together to make these Minuto vouchers. There is a template for the vouchers to print out. Everybody who wants to create his own Minuto vouchers needs besides the template, a pen to sign, his own stamp, as well as a female and male guarantor, who confirm his own vouchers again with stamp and signature.

These finished Minuto one can use then similarly like cash for the payment. The person who has accepted the Minuto can spend them everywhere where Minuto are accepted, until they go back to the creator of the vouchers (voucher creator).\ To support the idea, not everyone needs to create new minuto, it is enough to accept them and use them for payment.

Read more here about the significance and impact of regional currencies and of Minuto.

How to start

In order to get familiar with the concept of Minuto we recommend to invite a number of people to play the Minuto Game. After that you can start issuing your own Minutos.

Read more on how to issue, pay with and accept Minutos.


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