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Alternative means of payment or regional/local currencies are a worldwide phenomenon. Here are a few examples. Most of them are issued by a central authority. Minuto, however, is organized decentrally.

Minuto and interest free money

Minuto - freies Geld für eine freie Welt - Video on YouTube

Minuto lecture
Presentation in German on the need for free means of payment and the potential of Minuto.
(YouTube, 54:48)

Minuto - make your own money - Video on YouTube

Minuto - make your own money
A 30 minutes movie on Minuto.
(YouTube, 29:39)

Neues zinsfreies Geld schaffen - Interview mit Prof. Margrit Kennedy - Video on YouTube

Creating new interest free money
Money expert Prof. Margrit Kennedy talks about exponential growth of the monetary system, diversification of currencies, new types of banks and about a monetary system without interest and inflation (in German).
(YouTube, 17:25)

Regional and local currencies

The power of local currency (TEDx talk) - Video on YouTube

The power of local currency
At TEDxBasel, Florence Siegenthaler proposes using a local currency to put the power back in the hands of our communities.
(YouTube, 9:21)

The power of complementary community currencies - Video on YouTube

The power of complementary community currencies
At this TEDxLeiden event, Edgar Kampers talks about the potential of complementary community currencies.
(YouTube, 11:47)

Michael Ende (Momo) on Silvio Gsell and alternative money - Video on YouTube

Michael Ende on Silvio Gsell and alternative money
Momo author Michael Ende on Silvio Gsell, capitalism and alternative money such as Wörgl Schilling, Dö-Mark barter, Ithaca Hours and WIR.
(YouTube, 1:01:37)

Palmas in Fortaleza, Brasilien - Video on YouTube

Palmas (Brazil)
There are several regional money projects in Brazil. The Palmas is a currency of a bank founded by the parish priest Joaqin de Melo in a ghetto on the outskirts of the large city of Fortaleza. The money is issued in the form of interest-free microloans.
(YouTube, 12:10)

 Roue - Video on YouTube

Roue (Provence, France)
France also has regional currencies. Here, the concept is explained using the Roue as an example.
(YouTube, 7:34)

 Sardex - Video on YouTube

Sardex (Italy)
In southern Sardinia, the regional currency Sardex saved many companies through the financial crisis.
(YouTube, 5:58)

 Chiemgauer - Video on YouTube

Chiemgauer (Germany)
The Chiemgauer is the largest regional currency in Germany and has been around for several years.
(YouTube, 6:26)

 Ithaca Hours local currency - Video on YouTube

Ithaca Hours (New York, USA)
Ithaca Hours is a local currency in Ithaca, New York and is the oldest and largest local currency system in the US that is still operating.
(YouTube, 7:36)

 Local Goldbacks currency gaining traction during pandemic - Video on YouTube

Goldback (USA)
A growing number of small businesses across Utah are now accepting what are called “goldbacks“ - a local currency that's been gaining attention during the pandemic.
(YouTube, 2:06)

Read more on Wikipedia's list of complementary currencies and its category page on local currencies.

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