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How to issue Minutos

The great thing about Minuto - and what makes it stand out from other regional curriencies - is that you can issue your own money. Of course you need a few people who accept your Minutos. If you don't have a network of people who use Minuto yet you can invite some people to play the Minuto Game.

What you need

  • An idea of what you can and want to offer to others
  • A Minuto voucher template which you can download from our downloads page.
  • A printer or copying machine to print out or copy the template
  • A scissor or knife to cut out the vouchers
  • A stamp containing your (company) name, occupation (recommended), address, contact details such as phone, email, website.
  • A pen to fill in the vouchers
  • A female and a male guarantor who stamp and sign your vouchers
  • A network of people who accept your Minutos

Elements of a Minuto voucher

Structure of a Minuto voucher

There are 6 vouchers on each template, each one with a different nominal value.

(1) Nominal value:
This is the preprinted value in minutes of qualitative performance of human working time.

(2) Validity (required):
Enter the last year of validity of the voucher into this field. New Minuto are valid for 5 years (current year + 5), e.g. a Minuto issued in 2022 is valid until 2027. Minutos can be passed on until they come to their issuer who must destroy them after redemption if the validity is less than 3 years, see How to redeem Minutos.

(3) Region:
Enter the region (postal code recommended) where you as the issuer are located. This helps Minuto users to decide if they should accept the voucher.

(4) Voucher issuer (required):
Put your stamp in this field and legally confirm it with date and your signature. This serves as a security feature. The occupation on the stamp acts like an advertisement. If your stamp does not indicate an occupation we recommend to write at least 3 service offers on the back of the vouchers. This supports a higher acceptance of the voucher.

(5)(6) Guarantors (required):
One female and one male guarantor must stamp and sign here with date and signature. With their stamp and signature they confirm that the issuer of the voucher is trustworthy and can provide a service. They are obliged to redeem the voucher only if the issuer and his legal successor (heirs) are unable to provide a service, see How to redeem Minutos.

The semicircle at the top edge of a voucher helps to bundle and easily find vouchers of the same value.

Back side
Use the back side of each voucher to add information on your offer, advertisement, quotes or other ideas. Use your template to speed up this process.

We have more templates and handouts.

Now you are ready to use your Minutos to buy goods and services of other people who accept your vouchers, see How to pay with Minutos.

About self-issuing Minutos

Most people are not used to issue their own means of payment, so this requires some rethinking. For example, if we were to know that when we take out a loan, new money is created out of nothing and disappears again when we pay back the loan, then this process would be nothing special for most people.

With a normal loan, the bank wants to have additional collateral, the creditworthiness must be determined, etc. and even very high fees are charged for this in the form of interest and this process is much more elaborate and complicated than the creation of Minuto vouchers.


See our frequently asked questions or post a comment.

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