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This wiki was created by dedicated people in their spare time. They also maintain the content and develop it together.

The content is currently available in German and English and is designed for Minuto use in Germany and Switzerland. However, Minuto can be used in many regions, language areas and legal systems around the world.

If you would like to translate the wiki into another language or add information about the use of Minuto in another state/legal system, you are welcome to join our small team of authors!

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Register for a free user account.
  2. Contact Sebastian, who will activate your desired target language in the wiki. You can find his contact details in the imprint.
  3. As soon as your language is activated, you can translate the pages. How to do this is explained in the multilingual DokuWiki manual.
  4. The Minuto concept was developed for Germany in the first place. If you publish information about the use of Minuto in other countries, please clarify the legal and tax situation in the respective legal system beforehand. So consult a lawyer and a tax advisor if and how Minuto can be used there.
  5. For your translated pages to appear in the navigation menu, add them to the Sitemap in the appropriate folder.
  6. Also translate the linked documents, such as the Minuto voucher templates, flyers, etc.. Most are available as editable files. Download them from the download sites, translate them, save them, and upload them to the target language folder in Media Manager. Then link the file to the appropriate pages.
  7. If you have questions and can't find the answer at DokuWiki, our author team will be happy to help you.

Document Description Paper format File
Money as the Foundation of Society 1 diagram Download (ODG)
Minuto cash box 5 diagrams editable with diagrams.net Download (ZIP)
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