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How to convert Minutos

The value of Minuto vouchers is based on qualitative human working time. Therefore they are stable in value during the validity period.

There are some situations where you need to convert Minutos into the legal tender. For example, a business needs to declare the value of Minutos in the official currency for tax reasons. Or you as a seller would like to give back the change in the legal tender. Here is where you need to know the appropriate conversion rate.

An approximative rule to determine the recommended conversion rate is local price of a craftsman hour which can vary depending on the region, country and time - for example due to inflation of the offical currency. Here are some examples:

Country 60 Minuto per
Austria EUR 35 2020
Belgium EUR 40 2020
Denmark EUR 45 2020
Finland EUR 35 2020
France EUR 40 2020
Germany EUR 30 2021
Iceland ISK 5350 2020
Ireland EUR 30 2020
Italy EUR 30 2020
Luxembourg EUR 40 2020
Netherlands EUR 35 2020
Norway NOK 370 2020
Slovenia EUR 20 2020
Spain EUR 20 2020
Sweden SEK 400 2020
Switzerland CHF 55 2020
United Kingdom GBP 25 2020

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1211601/hourly-labor-cost-in-europe/


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