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Rules of Minuto

Valid for Germany and Switzerland


  1. Vouchers, Issuance
    1. Minuto vouchers may be issued:
      1. in Germany: by all legally competent people, see § 104 BGB.
      2. in Switzerland: by all legally competent people, see Art. 12 ff ZGB.
    2. Standardized vouchers should be used to facilitate the use and exchange. Print templates are available in the Minuto Wiki.
    3. The vouchers can be printed by regular printers or copiers. Bright copy paper of 80 to 120 grams is well suited to make the the stamps and signatures readable and the vouchers foldable.
    4. The vouchers must contain at least the following information:
      • (Pre-printed) Denomination in minutes of quality work
      • Last year of validity
      • Postal code - or city and country
      • Stamp, date and hand-written signature of the issuer
      • Stamp, date and hand-written signature of the femaile guarantor
      • Stamp, date and hand-written signature of the male guarantor
      • (Pre-printed) indication of the copyleft licence
    5. The stamps must at least contain the name and address of the respective person.
    6. The stamps must be real stamps, i.e. by using a stamp pad (security feature).
    7. The issuer can use the back side of the vouchers at his convenience, e.g. to list his offers and for advertisement.
    8. The issuer can bring an unlimited number of vouchers into circulation but is obligated to deliver the equivalent performance.
    9. The guarantors must be of full age. They are obligated to perform on an outage of the issuer resp. of his legal successor - see in section Acceptance.
    10. Copied Minuto vouchers are invalid and cound as falsification of documents. Bringing into circulation of falsified Minutos is punishable.
  2. Validity
    1. Each Minuto vouchers is valid till the end of the firth year after issuance. (The minimum validity for vouchers issued in Germany is 3 years from the end of the year of issuance as per § 195 and § 199 BGB, in Switzerland 5 years as per Art. 128 OR.)
    2. Exception: If a Minuto is valid less then three years and it is redeemed at its issuer, it may no longer be brought into circulation.
  3. Value
    1. Minutos are available in denominations of 1, 5, 15, 30, 60 and 120 Minutos.
    2. The denomination on the Minuto vouchers is equivalent with the performance of quality work in minutes.
  4. Acceptance, Redemption
    1. Accepting Minutos is voluntary. Exception: The issuer is obligated to redeem it during its validity.
    2. If a voucher cannot be redeemed at the issuer, e.g. due to inability to work, “address unknown” or death, his legal successor (heir) is obliged to do so.
    3. If the legal successor cannot redeem it, the guarantor is obligated to do so, otherwise his legal successor.
  5. Booking, tax liability
    1. For private use in the scope of neighborly help and exchange of friendly turns, turnovers are exempt from taxation.
    2. For commercial use, Minutos have to be booked to its current conversion rate in the official currency and are subject to taxation. (See business use.)
  6. Legality
    1. Minutos are legal documents and count:
      • in Germany as bearer bond (“Inhaberschuldverschreibung” as per § 793 ff BGB
      • in Switzerland as bonds resp. bearer papers (“Wert- bzw. Inhaberpapiere”) as per Art. 965 ff OR and 978 ff OR
    2. If Minutos are used in a different country or legal system the legal and tax situation must be checked beforehand. A lawyer and a tax consultant should be consulted before any use.
  7. Liability
    1. People who use Minutos act to their own's responsibility and are liable according to the to the applicable law.
  8. Licence
    1. Minuto vouchers are licenced under Copyleft licence Free Art 1.1, which allows the use and obligates the user to put any adaptation of the work under the same licence. For details see https://artlibre.org/licence/lal/de/.
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