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How to exchange Minutos

Exchanging Minutos for legal tender (Euros, Swiss Francs) or vice versa makes sense in certain cases:

Example 1: Change back if no Minutos at hand

As a vendor, you accept a Minuto voucher of a higher value than the selling price as payment. Since you don't have any Minuto vouchers at hand, you return the change in Euro.

For recommended conversion rate, see conversion page.

Example 2: People with a lack of time

In the community Lebensgarten Steyerberg (Germany) there is a vegetable farmer and many therapists. Almost all neighbors want to buy vegetables with Minutos from the farmer. However, the farmer can only spend Minutos in limited quantities within the community.

Margrit Kennedy's proposed solution is: In the neighborhood there are some people who earn Euros outside the community of the Lebensgarten and they have limited time for extra work. These people can buy Minutos from the farmer and give him Euros.

Those Minutos can now be used to buy services in the community without having previously issued Minutos or done anything in exchange for Minutos. The farmer, for his part, can accept far more Minutos than he needs for his own needs.

Have a look at the conversion page for conversion rates.

Example 3: Paying or exchanging wages


A small business owner occasionally needs temporary workers by the hour. He can offer them an exchange of their paid wages in Minutos. Perhaps 30 Minutos per hour would be appropriate, so that the quality performance can be set at 50%. At the current conversion rate, this would be 15€ per hour.

German trade regulations require that wages be paid in Euro (GewO Art. 107). Direct payment of wages in Minuto is not permitted in Germany. On the other hand, the small business owner can, with the consent of the worker, exchange the wage into Minuto after it has been paid. This is easily done with a Minuto cash box.

Workers can use the Minutos to make purchases from the small business owner, or spend them with other vendors. If they need Euros again, for example for rent or gasoline, then the small business owner can exchange Minutos for Euros.

In Germany, for example, 30 Minutos would be worth 10€ in cash. Because 10€ hourly wage is still good for many helpers. However, Minutos are thus seen as more valuable (since 15€ worth of goods per hour) and Euro cash is rather rarely desired. This reduces the entrepreneur's need for Euros and makes the Minuto more popular.


In Switzerland, wages must be paid in the legal currency (Swiss Francs), unless otherwise agreed or customary (Art. 323b OR). Thus, if the payment was agreed in Minuto, the business owner may pay the wage directly in Minuto or otherwise subsequently convert it into Minuto, provided the employee agrees.

We assume no liability for the above information. Please have them checked by an expert before use.

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